Main objective, the company is to see and legally provide employment opportunities to various categories of labor force and professional personnel to overseas countries. Almighty International Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd. makes all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad for employment until their return home or in most case transfer to other countries as well. This company also, ensures the workers will be adequately immunized and in case of serious injuries or death the workers or their families are compensated through insurance companies. This company looks towards cooperation for the supply of Nepalese manpower force to your country. This would definitely strengthen the friendship between our two nations and support our national development scheme.


  • Personalized Service: We thoroughly understand our Client’s needs by aligning ourselves to their corporate goals and objectives.

  • Care & Attention to Details: We provide cost-effective solutions and professional consultancy in assisting our Clients to make the correct selection for their Human Resource requirements.

  • Reliability & Flexibility: We ensure that our clients shall obtain the best possible candidates by working directly and closely with our foreign counterparts to identify, assess and select a shortlist of qualified candidates upon which the final selection shall be done by our esteemed Clients.

  • Honesty & Integrity: We display professionalism at its highest point by conducting all our corporate affairs efficiently, diligently and timely.

  • Relationship Building: We are constantly developing our sharp competencies and abilities by constantly updating ourselves with the new market trends, rules and regulations so that we are able to offer the best and updated service to all our Clients, Business Partners and Associates.

  • Confidentiality: We keep all records private to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of our individual Clients.